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The Star Math computer-adaptive, norm-referenced math test and database is an achievement-level progress-monitoring system that incorporates state-of-the-art testing technology, including item response theory, to provide teachers with accurate math scores for students in grades 3-12. Research conducted during the development of Star Math confirms that the test is reliable, valid, and correlates highly with high-stakes standardized math tests. The test was normed using a nationally representative sample of 25,800 students from 256 schools in 42 states across the US. The reliability of Star Math was established with two reliability studies: test-retest (n=1,541) and generic reliability (n=25,795). The grade-level reliability estimates from both studies are extremely high, ranging from 0.78 to 0.88 with most estimates greater than 0.84. An additional study (n>9,000) demonstrated the validity of Star Math by comparing students' scores on Star Math to their scores on other popular standardized tests such as the California Achievement Test and the Iowa Test of Basic Skills. The high correlation between Star Math scores and scores on other tests (most are above 0.70) establishes both the validity of Star Math for measuring math achievement and its ability to predict performance on other tests. This report contains results from each of these studies, details on the test's standard error of measurement, and an explanation of the criterion- and norm-referenced scores provided by Star Math.

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Updated: 04/01/2018

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